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Garden lighting - arrangements and advice

What lamps for the garden to choose? Are they expensive to operate? How to plan shopping? With details, we will tell you about garden lighting devices. We will suggest how you can use them to delight your splendor!

Lighting options

There are more and more opportunities to illuminate gardens and properties on the market. You can choose between classic, simple devices or original equipment that will serve as a decoration. There are lamps powered in different ways: solar - glowing due to solar energy - and electric, which need to be cabled and connected to a power source for operation.


Light color

It is worth paying attention to the color of light emitted by bulbs used in lighting devices. You can choose between: heat, cold or RGB LED. The most interesting are LED bulbs, in which we can set any color of light. Thanks to this, we will adjust the lighting to special occasions, such as engagement in the garden, barbecue parties or gardening. The use of LED bulbs will allow you to play with colors - all lamps can shine equally or change the colors of the rainbow! RGB Bulb

Garden balls

Thanks to the use of the original garden balls, your garden will look like a fairy tale! There are electric balls on the market, which need power for operation, and solar balls, which are shining due to solar energy. Lamps can be mounted on the ground in a previously prepared, stable foundation. Another option is a ball placed on a platform, eg on a 50 cm high tube. In addition, you can choose the perfect lamps from several sizes: 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50 cm in diameter.

Floating lights

Solar lamps, in contrast to electrically powered lamps, can also be used on the surface of the water. There is no risk of flooding the power cables and short circuits. Solar lamp can be placed eg in a garden pond or used as an attractive pool surface lighting.

Solar lamp

Lantern in the garden

An interesting proposal can be garden lantern. Powered by electricity, with a few ferns of light, it will stand out for your garden and other lighting equipment. The height of the lantern is adjustable, you also have a lighting setting in a different style, such as a chair. The device can set eg in the middle of the interior as a central decoration or at the fence. The lighthouse will look interesting in a duet with a wooden, romantic bench.

LED lantern Paris

To gazebo..

If you have a gazebo or terrace - use garlands for lighting! They will not only lighten the garden, they will also work as an original decorative element. Garlands have a flexible cable, hooks at both ends and silicone protection. Thanks to this, their suspension will not be problematic. Garlands can also be used indoors or used during events in the garden. They also work as an element of decor during the wedding. Garland

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