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Wall Clocks

Wall Clocks

You might think that in the age of mobile telephony we don't need classic clocks anymore. But isn't it tiring to keep looking at the phone to check what time it is? This can become a nuisance in a place like home where we are looking for rest, moments of relaxation and silence.

Furniture accessories - clocks

Classic, old-fashioned, modern, decorative ... Each clock should fulfill two functions - firstly, it should count down the time well, and secondly, it should match the interior design. Of course, no one has the truth to tell you what clock to buy, but before you decide on the one and only one, make sure that its appearance does not introduce disharmony to your living room, bedroom or even kitchen. The stylistically coherent interior is a guarantee of well-being at home.

Wall clocks

Every home should have at least one clock on the wall. Not only because of its organizational function, but also because of its appearance. Make it a nice detail that stands out from the environment. Clock with a circular dial is a timeless classic, less often there are those with square dials - which are associated with modernity. The latest trend is a clock that does not have a dial! How it's possible? The numbers on the wall are placed around the hands in the center - and it is under the hands that the mechanism that sets the clock in motion is hidden.

Wall clock - clock face

The appearance of the clock should be determined by the interior design, but the final choice is up to the buyer. A dial which is a background for black, white or colored hands must not interfere with the legibility of the clock. So what can be on such a shield? Anything the heart desires: flowers, bicycles, butterflies, various patterns, color contrasts, and what's more, the shield can be the starting point from which spatial forms will emerge, emphasizing the decorativeness and individuality of a given interior.

Wall clock - where to put it?

Where should the really large wall clock appear? In the living room! This is the most representative place in any home. And yet the kitchen is the place where we most often meet our family. Or maybe there is some other place where such a clock would find its use? And here it is a matter of the individuality of each house and flat - depending on the needs.