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How to remove the wallpaper?

The fashion for colorful wallpapers once returns, once passes. With it, the time comes either for gluing the material to the wall or removing the wallpaper. And while the first stage of work from the examples given, i.e. sticking wallpaper is quite pleasant, the wallpaper is not completely removed. How to deal with removing wallpaper from the wall? Here is our guide. You will go with it through the next stages of work: step by step.

Removing wallpaper from wall

How to remove wallpaper? Start by preparing the interior!

Before you undertake any painting or renovation work with water, protect well not only the equipment of the interior, but especially spaces above all sockets and switches. You will need painting foil and tape for this. Tape the film to the corners with tape, making sure that there is no gap left where water will get in. With a well-protected interior, wallpaper will be picked faster and in comfortable conditions.

Wallpaper removing, where to start?

If the wallpaper was glued not only to the wall, but above all to the ceiling, then start work from this zone. How to remove wallpaper in this part of the room? The fastest will be if you use a brush bench, which you soak directly in water or water with the addition of a special wallpaper removing agent. Brush one of the wallpaper strips with a brush and wait a few minutes. Tear off the wallpaper with a firm movement and remove the residue with a spatula. If you notice that the wallpaper peeling is not quite as it should - the panels are torn apart, and only one layer comes off the ceiling - then grease the wallpaper again. You’ve probably used too little water to wet it. If you do not have a specialist preparation at hand, use water with vinegar for work. This home-made wallpaper picking method is also very effective.

How to remove wallpaper from the wall?

Proceed in the same way according to the rules we described when renovating the ceiling. Start picking the wallpaper from the top every time, heading downwards. This method is not only more convenient, but also recommended by professionals. Remember that not every wallpaper will peel off the wall just as easily. Paper wallpaper works best in this area as it does not require any special work to peel off. It will be much worse in terms of ripping vinyl wallpaper. If you just want to refresh the interior and stick a new product to the surface, leave a second layer of wallpaper on the wall. It will serve as a foundation for a new product.

How to remove wallpaper so that work goes smoothly?

First of all, prepare your work space well. Choose all materials: brush, putty knife, sandpaper. If your wallpaper will stick firmly to the wall, and you plan to put only paint on the new surface, then it may also be useful to apply gypsum, which will even out all unevenness. Schedule your work for a fairly warm and sunny day. When the brush is soaked in water intensively, it can get quite humid in the room. Before you start working on applying paint, you will need to dry the walls and ceiling well. Remember that with professional products, work will go faster and the result will be professional. The interior, which you will finish with good quality paint or wallpaper, will remain unchanged for longer. We hope you already know how to break the wallpaper. Go through this process with our guide.

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