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Fashionable spider lamp representing loft style

In rooms furnished in a loft style, there should be appropriate decorative elements. Walls in a rough condition, exposed wiring or pipes need to be complemented by a suitable form of lighting. Loft interiors will be accentuated by the fashionable spider lamp, which - in addition to the decorative function - will be perfect as a central source of light. The device should be used not only in loft style rooms. The spider lamp will also be found in industrial and modern style.

What is a loft style?

Simplicity and minimalism are the hallmarks of a loft-style decor. Loft rooms should be large and open, functional and well-lit. The walls should be left unfinished and the cabling or pipes should be visible and unprotected. Thanks to the trendy spider lamp, which fits perfectly into the loft lights style, it is possible to obtain the perfect light. In addition, the ceiling lighting looks very original and catches the eye. The device will not only be functional but will also become the main decorative element in the rooms you choose.

Trendy Soleto spider lamp

It is made in a modern form. The innovative style of the device fits perfectly with loft spaces. The main advantage of the lamp is simplicity - the device consists of cabling and ten bulbs at each end of each two-meter length of the cable. From such a characteristic construction and form, the spider lamp took its name. Due to the large number of light sources, it is possible to obtain very good indoor lighting. It is worth using the lamp in high interiors with a large usable space.

Loft Spider Lamp

Using a spider lamp - inspiration

Spider lamp ideally suited to large rooms, such as the living room decorated in industrial style. The device will illuminate not only the central part of the room, but - through the characteristic arrangement of the cables - the light will reach the darkest corners of the flat. Spider lamp will perfectly fit into large rooms with raw concrete or red brick walls. An unusual form of lighting should also be used in the bedroom. The character of the modernly furnished room will be emphasized by the unique, ceiling lamp Soleto spider. The room in neutral colors - white, gray in combination with additions in black - will become fashionable and unique. The lamp can be the main decoration and be suspended eg above the bed. You can also use the device in your home office or company’s office. In combination with large, glazed walls, dark wood furniture and walls in muted colors, the lamp has a chance to be a fantastic solution. The office will become original and original, and the good lighting will be achieved thanks to ten light sources.

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