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How to choose the right desk lamp?

A lamp set on a desk or mounted near a work place affects the efficiency of activities and concentration. Ill-matched lighting will cause your eyes to get tired quickly, cause headaches and even nausea. The light should not be too intense or too weak. You should also take into account the nature of the work and the use of the work station - whether we will be sitting at the desk only while studying or maybe a few - several hours a day.

Setting the lamp

A universal rule used when arranging a desk and choosing from desk lamps is setting the lighting according to the dominant hand we write. For people:

  • Right-handed - the lamp should be on the left side of the desk;
  • Left handed - place the light source on the right side of the desk.

The above solution allows better lighting of the working space. A student or architect using a desk will not be irritated by throwing a shadow through the hand, eg on a notebook or book.

Adjustable LED Desk Lamp with Loft Switch will provide adequate lighting and will affect the comfort of work. The original, geometric form of the device will become an intriguing decoration in a private office or home office.

Lampa loftowa

When the surface of the desk top does not allow the use of a standing desk lamp - it is worth choosing a device that can be attached to a shelf or wall. Desk mounted lamps will save the working space of the desk, and thanks to the movable arm it is possible to quickly and easily change the direction of incidence of light.

Desk mounted lamp

Type and color of light

The comfort and quality of learning or working at the desk is influenced by the bulb used in the device. Attention should be paid to the color and intensity of light. Illumination too strong will irritate the eyes, it can also cause unpleasant, migraine headaches. On the other hand, light of low intensity will make the person using the desk have to strain their eyes and read in the dark. Eyes get tired faster, people get tired and the effects of work are not satisfying. The light that looks the closest to natural light is the best for your eyesight. Office lamp equipped with LED lighting successfully used when using the desk.

Additional light sources

During many hours of work at the home desk or in the company’s office it is worth lighting up the working space with an additional source of light. To do this, use ** hanging ceiling lamp **. The device will throw the right light on the whole room for work or study.

Hanging lamp for the desk

Another, equally effective solution may be a wall sconce. The device is mounted above the desk or on the side wall. In the case of damage to a desk lamp or a bulb burner, it is possible to use the wall lamp as a temporary source of light for the workspace.

Reflektorek do biurka

Those who value originality and geometric forms will like the Haakon desk lamp. The device resembles a cube for board games. The openwork shape of the bulb cut out on the side walls makes the emitted light is gently dispersed. The unique form of the desk lamp will attract attention and become the main decoration of the office or office.

Desk lamp light bulb

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