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Rustic interiors

Rustic lighting and a rustic style

Read about the trend of interior design the most fashionable this year, or see what we have prepared for you in the category of rustic lamps.

Rustic style - recently very fashionable. Many architects introduce it to their projects. Plenty of people drawing Inspirations from the Internet, rearranges or finishes your interiors in a rustic style. Characteristics of this style is complex. In addition, the influence of many designer trends has caused the definition of rustic style to change  and changes over the years.

What caused that this seemingly modest architectural trend won the hearts of so many people and won over a lot of supporters? Wondering what is a rustic style? Let’s start from the beginning.

Rusticism is a love for rural life. Not so long ago, a man fascinated by the achievements of civilization he strove to create truly sterile living conditions. Striving to have the necessary things around you to life, people started to miss the cozy interiors, where you can find a home source warmth and comfort. The rustic style refers mainly to the nineteenth-century houses. Spaces arranged in this style they are modest. However, they do not lose their basic function. The most characteristic equivalent of the word rustic, it’s just … rural. In this interior, we feel just good. We feel the warmth of the rural fireplace and the idyllic atmosphere climate known for visiting grandma living in the countryside.

Natural building materials predominate in space, in particular wood and stone.

Natural materials add to the warmth, cosiness and characteristic note of the rural climate. In addition we feel safe and close to nature in such a room. We can use wooden accessories in many ways, starting from floorboards, through cladding and ending with individual details such as: table, chairs or slats decorative. Wood in furniture is usually stained, bleached or wiped

Rustic floor lamps

A floor lamp is a great solution as accent lighting. With such a product you can easily create a cozy atmosphere during the evening. The model presented below is created especially for you from the moment of placing the order. Wooden parts are made of solid Polish wood. When designing this the lamps can see the evident effect of the rustic style - simple construction and functionalism. Rustic character is added here also bleached wood. The lampshade is made of high-quality material, and the ability to choose a color this is definitely another plus. The Tripod series of lamps is an extended family of rustic standing lamps - dubbed from wooden materials.

Rustic floor lamp Floor lamp Tripod. Solid bleached oak, chrome accessories, beige lampshade. E27 thread, 60W power.

How can you give the interior a somewhat rustic character? Above all, using the traditional style of building a house, where wooden beams and columns are not hidden but exposed. In a room designed in style rustic RTV appliances are hidden. They are not a climax. It will be, for example, a fireplace. An original inspiration, and at the same time a “must have” rustic style are all the items that we associate with life in the countryside: reels, irons, cuckoos on the wall.

Rustic hanging lighting

They have a metal or wooden structure. They are the most important element of any room, and in addition to decorative functions play the role of central lighting. Skillfully chosen will both please the eye and create the right one lighting the space. An interesting effect is created by lamps in a rustic style that do not have shades - an element Edison decorative bulb - with visible carbon wires is a decorative element of such illumination. Each of us knows the story this light bulb. The refreshed form and the possibility of using LED sources made the relic from the past find its own again place on the shelf called “interior design”. Lamps with the use of such a light bulb are pleasant, non-glare light. Another proposal matching the rustic style is a series of ecological Kazuki frames made of plywood wood.

Rustic hanging lamp Glenn pendant lamp in a rustic style in black. E27 thread, 60W power.

Table lighting - a rustic style as a decoration

The rustic style “revolves around” wood - objects accentuating this style can be described as ancient, but skilfully blending them into the arrangement will delight many a scholar of this trend. A beautiful and at the same time subtle accent are table lamps. The simplest version which is on our website is a Britoplighting product. Who would have thought that a piece of wood and Edison’s bulb combined with each other would look incredibly interesting? Simple design - the quintessence of rustic style and functionality. Such a lamp will certainly fit anywhere you need to illuminate the space with pleasant light.

Rustic table lamp Rustic style table lamp. Rustic table lamp Trongo. E27 thread, 60W power.

Rustic exterior lighting

The facades of buildings can also be decorated. Not only with the help of different colored façades. External illumination in a rustic style is primarily lamps made of metals. The most common lampshades in a rustic style are made of decorative broken glass or stained glass.

Rustic outdoor lamp Outdoor wall lamp for a rustic style. Stained glass. Thread E27, 60W.

Italian lamps in a rustic style in our store Lunares.pl is primarily a proposal of the Allum company

Modern architects imitate the old rustic style, combining it with others. Thanks to that they are able to create breathtaking “home scenery”. The rustic style, thanks to the use of simple elements, is very plastic, thanks to which it allows you to create a million different arrangements.

One of the trends deviating from the rustic style is Modern rustic. It was established in the twentieth century in the United States. These very modern interiors are mainly identified with innovative technical solutions. They are characterized by exclusive finishes and minimalism. The interiors designed in the modern rustic style are enchanting, unique and modernized with numerous innovations. Here rustic lamps take modern forms. However, without losing its charm.

If you are at the stage of furnishing or renovation, and at the same time rustic lamps charmed you with their simplicity, we invite you to familiarize yourself with the offer that we have prepared for everyone looking for the perfect illumination for your home and apartment.

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