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Coronavirus (COVID-19) - information

Dear customers,

Please be advised that our team is still working with the precautions required in the current situation. We make every effort to ensure that orders arrive on time and safely.

Coronavirus (COVID-19) - frequently asked questions

Below, in the form of questions and answers, you will find information on the operation of the Lunares store during the spread of the COVID-19 coronovirus.

Will all products still be available?

We strive to provide you with access to all products from our store. Unfortunately, due to the temporary suspension of the production of some products and disruptions in the transport of goods, some lamps may be temporarily unavailable or available after a certain period of time.

Information on product availability can be obtained by phone or on the product page.

Are the Italian Fabbian lamps available immediately?

The Fabbian brand, due to the critical situation in Italy, stopped the production of lamps until the beginning of April. We will keep you updated on changes and availability of this brand’s products.

Will Luna Balls be available?

Yes, we have a full warehouse of luminous garden balls and deliveries will be made within the standard deadline.

Do you have to expect delays in order delivery?

Shipments are normally carried out by courier, international delivery may be restricted or delayed by local coronavirus related restrictions.

Our stationary team in cooperation with couriers works hard to ensure timely delivery. However, it may happen that for reasons beyond our control, such as reloading courier companies, or stopping a shipment at the border for inspection, the delivery may be delayed. In situations known to us, we try to inform you about possible delays.

Can I get infected by contacting the products ordered?

According to the World Health Organization, the risk of infection through contact with the package is negligible. Coronavirus can only survive on surfaces for a short time. To be safe, you can wipe the goods with a disinfectant and discard the cardboard immediately.

Can I get product information at the stationary Lunares store?

No. The stationary store is closed to customers in accordance with the regulations. We encourage you to shop through the online store - lunares.eu.