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Fabbian Illuminazione lighting

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The Fabbian Illuminazione company was founded in 1961. With time, the manufacturer has gained a reputation and respect in lighting markets around the world. The manufacturer’s offer includes modern lamps, made of the highest quality components and designed by the most creative designers. Currently, the Fabbian brand is sold in Europe and Asia through company stores and intermediaries, and its sister companies operate in the markets in the United States and Hong Kong.

Fabbian Illuminazione reigns on the market of lighting fixtures for over 50 years! It provides lamps to customers and also diversifies the lighting market. In its ranks, the Fabbian brand has over 40 architects who create unique and unique designs.

Until today, the Fabbian brand produces the most modern, diverse and elegant lighting fittings. Everyone will find something for himself. Lamps can take shape from twisted and sophisticated to simple and minimalistic. Each of the lamps attracts the eye with its appearance and additionally gives the interior a charm and a sophisticated look. Hanging lamps, floor lamps, sconces or eyelets and halogen fixtures, all this, and even more can be seen and bought in our online store at a reasonable price.

A series of Cubetto luminaires deserves special mention.

cubetto plafon Plafond Fabbian Cubetto

In this family we will find hanging lamps, sconces, plafonds. The style of these lamps is a modern Italian design based on the classic combination of crystal glass and chrome-plated accessories. The crystal glass shines incredibly, thanks to which it creates an extraordinary atmosphere and beautifully captures the light emitted by the light source.

cubetto wall lamp Fabbian Cubetto wall lamp

Another series of lamps that were made of crystal glass is the family of Fabbian Sospes lamps

Fabbian Sospesa lamps were made of a thick sheet of crystal glass. The original intention of architects who designed this lighting was to put them in bathrooms and dining rooms. For the sake of these lamps, they have not been able to be pigeonholeed, and at this moment they are storming designer designs, and they are successfully placing them in projects of all types of public spaces.

Sospesa Fabbian Sospesa

We offer Fabbian products. If you have not found the product you are interested in, please contact us - we cooperate with the majority of producers on the lighting market in Poland and abroad. We are able to prepare competitive offers or offer replacement luminaires.

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