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Clinker Tools

Clinker Tools

Clinker - how is it made?

Clinker brick is a popular material resistant to abrasion. It has been used in construction for years. Clinker is a natural material, made of clay and subjected to a drying process. Most often, clinker brick is used in the construction of houses, fences or fireplaces. Furnishing a house with elements made of clinker can increase the value of the entire property. It is worth considering such an investment especially in the long-term context.

Clinker tile, does it have disadvantages?

Starting from the origin of this material, clinker brick has a number of advantages. It is an environmentally friendly material, resistant to external factors and extremely durable. By using this material in the construction of the facade, we do not have to worry about cold winters and hot summers. Clinker tiles are not susceptible to fungi or algae. This material is perfect for people with allergies. The only disadvantage of this material may be the poor quality of the manufactured clinker tiles. Before buying a larger quantity, it is worth checking the sample by placing it in water for an hour. High-quality clinker will not change its color or properties.

How durable is a clinker brick facade?

Resistant to crushing or abrasion. In unchanged condition it can be used for many years. He is not afraid of chemical factors and even fire. Clinker brick does not require maintenance or cleaning. The properties in which it has been applied do not require any additional attention.

Will the clinker facade affect the thermal insulation of the building?

Yes, it will have a positive effect on the thermal insulation of the building. Thanks to this, in winter the heat will not escape to the outside, and in summer the interior will remain pleasantly cool. Clinker brick also shows good acoustic parameters. It is used in the construction of three-layer walls.

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