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Antibacterial Gels

Antibacterial Gels

Properties of antibacterial gels and disinfectant liquids

A good disinfectant liquid should contain a minimum of 60-70% alcohol, which destroys viruses and bacteria that threaten human health. By using such a liquid on the skin of the hands, we protect ourselves against microorganisms that could settle on them and then infect us. The use of disinfectant liquid is especially recommended if you do not have access to water and soap.

Use of disinfectant liquids

Disinfectant fluids can be applied to the skin. We apply the liquid on the skin and rub it until the skin dries, i.e. until the alcohol evaporates. However, disinfecting liquids can be successfully used to disinfect surfaces. To do this, wipe the surface with the preparation. During periods of increased illness, it is worth cleaning such surfaces as door handles, countertops, payment cards, cell phones and keys. Other surfaces that can be wiped with disinfectant are keyboards and cutting boards, as well as packaging for products bought in the store, or soles for shoes.

Coronavirus disinfectant liquids

Coronaviruses are sensitive to hydrogen peroxide, soap and alcohol in high concentrations. Therefore, let's wash our hands as often and thoroughly as possible, also after removing protective gloves. If you can't wash your hands, it is worth reaching for antibacterial gel and disinfectant liquid. We will effectively clean your hands with them. It is also worth wiping everyday objects with disinfectant liquid. Using antibacterial gels and disinfecting liquids, we neutralize viruses that are dangerous to our health.

Remember that by using personal protective equipment during the spread of coronavirus, you protect yourself and others!