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Personal Protection Equipment

Personal Protection Equipment

Personal protective equipment - what are they?


Personal protective equipment, i.e. gloves, disinfectant fluids and protective masks are used primarily by hospital employees. However, during illness, and especially during the spread of coronavirus, they can also be used on a daily basis, both at home and at work. Personal protective equipment help protect against viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. First of all, people with reduced immunity, seniors, children and pregnant women can benefit from using such accessories.

Remember that by using personal protective equipment while coronavirus is spreading, you are protecting yourself and others!

Personal protective equipment in the store Lunares

The Lunares store offers antibacterial and disinfecting gels, which can be used to disinfect hands and disinfect items. On the other hand, protective gloves are an accessory useful not only during increased illness. They can also be used for cooking and cleaning. Cotton protective masks are a way to reduce the spread of viruses and bacteria by droplets and reduce the risk of infection.

At Lunares, you can order personal protective equipment with safe and convenient home delivery!

Personal protective equipment and coronavirus

Fortunately, there are many ways to prevent the disease that the COVID-19 virus causes. Implementing these methods does not require much effort from us. Caution, sanity and hygiene are important. Using personal protective equipment helps to prevent the disease and to reduce its spread.

When leaving the house, remember to keep a distance of at least 2 meters from other people. Coronavirus is transmitted by droplet, i.e. when speaking, breathing, sneezing and coughing. An infected person leaves microdroplets of saliva in the air and viruses lurk in them. Therefore, keeping a distance from other people reduces the risk of infection. Also for this reason, protective masks are an effective means of protection. They create a physical barrier and prevent viruses from accessing our mucous membranes. The protective mask filters the air and can hold droplets of steam with germs on it. When using masks, remember not to touch them with your hands, and after use, to carefully remove them and, depending on the type of protective mask, discard them in an airtight container, or put them in an airtight laundry packaging. Surgical masks are available primarily for medical personnel. Non-surgical masks, i.e. made of fabric, are available to everyone and create an efficient barrier for a large proportion of viruses and bacteria wandering in the air.

Of course, frequent hand washing is indispensable. After touching the surface on which the virus or bacterium was invisible to the eye, we can later inadvertently transfer them from the hand to the face and mucous membranes - and thus allow the virus to enter our body. That is why it is so important to wash your hands in warm water for a long time. In this way, we wash the dirt and germs from our hands. Disposable gloves are an additional help in creating a block for germs. In this case, it is a glove, not our hand, that is the surface that comes in contact with objects. After use, the gloves should be carefully removed and, like a used mask, placed in an airtight container.

Coronaviruses are sensitive to hydrogen peroxide, soap and alcohol in high concentrations. Therefore, let's wash our hands as often and thoroughly as possible, also after removing protective gloves. If we can't wash our hands, it is worth reaching for antibacterial gel and disinfecting liquid. We will effectively clean your hands with them. It is also worth wiping everyday objects such as keys, cell phone, and door handles with disinfectant liquid. It will also work well if you want to disinfect, e.g. product packaging or your own shoes after visiting the store.

Take care of your health and the health of loved ones! Familiarize yourself with the personal protective equipment in the Lunares store.

Personal Protection Equipment - Reviews about products

Reusable cotton mask on blue straps
July 14, 2020
All over krakow i was looking for solidly made and comfortable reusable masks. and found it on the outskirts of the city in a shop with friendly and professional service. i recommend.

Reusable cotton mask on blue straps
April 13, 2020
Nice packed in a sealed bag despite the fact that i bought 3 pieces.

Protective cotton mask on straps 10 pieces blue
April 09, 2020
I took 20 pieces. nice material and they fit well. i don't look like a ninja in them. i recommend buying

Protective cotton mask on straps 10 pieces blue
April 09, 2020
I ordered and received the package the next day. nicely sewn masks, no shreds or anything. i can recommend

Protective cotton mask on straps 10 pieces blue
April 09, 2020
Thank you for shipping the same day as i placed my order!

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