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Protective Masks

Protective Masks

Personal protective equipment, i.e. protective masks , disinfectant liquids and disposable gloves are used primarily by hospital employees. However, during illness, and especially during the spread of coronavirus, they can also be used on a daily basis, both at home and at work. Personal protective equipment helps protect against viruses, bacteria and other microorganisms. First of all, people with reduced immunity, seniors, children and pregnant women can benefit from using such accessories.

What do protective masks protect against?

Masks protect our respiratory tract against the penetration of viruses, bacteria and air pollution. By creating a barrier to inhaled air, a type of air filter, they reduce the risk of infection because they trap air pollution.

Types of face masks

Protective masks that protect against contamination by drip can be roughly divided into medical and non-medical masks. The former, currently reserved only for medical personnel, are highly effective and are designed to protect both people working with the sick and the patients themselves from getting infected with each other. Non-medical masks, mainly made of fabric, can also be used freely in private life. Their effectiveness is less than that of surgical masks, yet they provide a high degree of protection and minimize the risk of infection.

Does wearing the mask provide 100% protection against infection?

Masks do not provide absolute protection against infection, but their use significantly reduces the risk of infection and minimizes the spread of viruses. It is important to put the mask on your face with clean hands. The face mask must be dry, not moist and thoroughly washed for reusable masks. We also remember that the mask can not be worn all day. Replace them regularly, and carefully place them in an airtight container after use. Do not touch its outer surface, because this is where the air pollution has accumulated.

Does wearing masks make sense?

Indeed. People who wear face masks increase their safety because they minimize the risk of infection. It is also a way to protect people in our surroundings. By wearing a face mask, we also care about the health of others. An additional advantage of wearing face masks is that you don't touch your face. Usually we do it inadvertently, we repeatedly touch the mouth or nose. By wearing a mask, we limit access to these virus-sensitive parts of the body.

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Types of face masks - which face mask to choose? Wearing a face mask

According to recent government recommendations, everyone is required to cover their mouths and nose in public. Protective masks are an effective barrier to aerosols, and thus significantly reduce the risk of spreading the virus. However, their effectiveness depends on many factors - the type of face mask, proper use and compliance with basic hygiene rules. Learn more about types and features of protective masks and familiarize yourself with the offer of cotton masks available in our store.

Protective Masks