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Christmas tree garland as outdoor lighting

Wondering how to decorate your home, garden, terrace or balcony for the upcoming Christmas holidays? A perfect way to create a luminous decoration, conjuring up a wonderful, warm atmosphere and underlining the magic of Christmas is the use of garden light bulb garlands. They are resistant to winter weather conditions and are very effective.

A brief history of light decorations

Fashion for light Christmas decorations came to our country from the USA in the early nineties. To this day, Americans are famous for their extremely impressive and sumptuous decorations for the holidays. It has to be colorful, joyful, fabulous, a bit kitschy, but above all - clearly.

It is also from the United States that bulb-shaped garlands originate, which each year illuminates probably the most recognizable Christmas tree in the world, a New York tree at the Rockefeller Center. The spectacular effect is achieved through the use of 45,000 LED lights, placed on over five-mile cable. New York decoration, a symbol of luxury and modernity, is adorned only with colorful lights and a star from Svarovski crystals.

How to illuminate the house and garden for the holidays?

In the winter, when it gets dark out quickly, we dream about a little pleasant glow. Christmas is the perfect moment to liven up the deep, winter dream garden and decorate it with lights. In this role, garden bulb bulbs will work perfectly, which greatly brighten the home space, adding its magical charm and charm.

Christmas lighting does not have to be trivial and limited only to decorating the Christmas tree. Garden garlands can also be adorned with a layer of white fluff, bare boughs of trees, shrubs, railings, window frames, or highlight the shape of the roof or even the whole house. Chains of bulbs that surround our home and garden will enchant with their warm light, creating an amazing, festive atmosphere.

Remember, however, do not overdo it with the amount of colors when creating a light decoration. Ideally, if you choose two, up to three colors. Before you start decorating, think about the color of your house’s facade. If the elevation is made of brick, it is worth reaching for the lighting maintained in golden-red colors, and if gray - put on the white-blue frame, which with gray will look really amazing.

Garden lanterns, bulbs - a way to effectively illuminate your home and garden

Garden Light String can be configured according to your own needs and preferences, which allows them to be easily adapted to any decorated home or garden. First of all, the distance between the placement of frames is to be modified, which can be folded out every half a meter, a meter or another distance chosen by us. This also affects the regulation of the power of light, which works especially when the garlands are to function not so much as lighting, but decorative. In addition, the cross-section of the cable allows a serial connection garland, which means that we are able to connect many meters of glowing chain to one outlet.


And what bulbs are compatible with the garden garland? Light bulbs are equipped with some of the most popular E27 threads, on which you can deposit different types of bulbs. Of course, we can use an ordinary energy-saving bulb with a warm or cold color. However, if we focus on innovation and modernity, it is worth lighting up your home and garden with LED bulbs, whose undoubted advantage is that they come in various colors, such as white, yellow, red, green or blue, and do not generate too high energy bills electricity.

Garden bulb bulbs is a great way to light the garden in winter also for security reasons. They are characterized by IP44 protection, which means that they can be used outdoors and are resistant to dirt and atmospheric precipitation. Each frame is sealed with a silicone ring, which protects it against moisture and low temperatures.

Garlands give a lot of possibilities and are an ornament in themselves, which is confirmed by the Christmas tree at Rockefeller Center. So do not hesitate anymore, just order the eye-catching garden garlands at lunares.pl and create a magical atmosphere of holidays around your home.

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