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How to install garden balls?

How do you install garden balls?

Garden balls - lighting that is visible in almost every garden, thanks to the trend in the stylization and arrangement of the gardens. Large, medium or small. Solar or cable - each of them create a great atmosphere in the garden, and during the day they are interesting.

From among many models of this type of lighting, the overwhelming majority of our customers choose garden balls powered by a cable.

The installation of these balls makes the most difficulties. In response to numerous queries, we give you a brief guide on [how to install garden balls.] (https://lunares.eu/blog/how-to-install-garden-balls)

Garden balls Garden balls

First of all, we need to dig into the lawn something that will form the foundation for the lamp, eg: paving stones. The foundation must protrude about 2 cm above the ground surface. We should not forget that the foundation should have a cable hole.

The cable should be passed through this hole, then the cable should be run through the lamp base hole. The set includes cable insulation sleeves - you can set them up at this stage. Then connect the cable to the attached lamp bulb holder. The next step is to screw the lamp base using the screws provided. The base of the lamp can be screwed to the ground - for this purpose, making a minimum of 2 drills in the foundation and in the lamp holder. Screw the bulb into the holder, put on the shade and we can enjoy the beautifully lit garden!

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