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How to plan bathroom lighting

Lighting is an element complementing the interior design. In addition to the practical function, lighting helps to express the desired style in the interior and create a pleasant atmosphere. Before arranging the interior, you should carefully plan the distribution of lamps. Where are you going to put the basic lighting? What decorative lighting will suit your interior? What parameters should the lamps have? In particular, bathroom lighting requires the selection of appropriate lamps that are waterproof and guarantee safe use.

Bathroom lighting

Plan according to your needs

Where to start bathroom lighting planning? First of all, think about the daily course of the day in your bathroom and the activities that you perform in different areas of the bathroom. Where do you especially need light? Should it make your makeup easier? Perhaps you need lighting for reading in the bathtub, and one that will help you relax after a day of work? Also think about the elements that you want to highlight in the room.

Knowing your habits and needs makes it easier to make a good choice of lighting. Helpful with daily care will be the main lighting of the bathroom and spotlights, for example in the form of sconces by the mirror. Dim light and decorative lighting will help you relax.

Diversity is important

One main source of light in the bathroom is not enough to brighten the interior well. Of course, without a ceiling lamp or sconce, there will be a variety of lamps. Functional light is also important - useful for care treatments. An example would be Illuminated Mirrors and sconces placed in the place where we change. Let’s remember the moody light for rest, with dimming function, or with less power. Decorative light is the icing on the lighting cake and will ensure a pleasant atmosphere in the room.

Safe bathroom lighting

Which lamps are suitable for use in the bathroom? Let’s remember that in this room it is humid and not difficult to splash with water. To ensure our safety, IP protection levels - the lamp’s level of protection - come in handy. In wet areas of the bathroom, i.e. above the bathtub, shower and sink, and 60 cm from them, use lamps of IP class 44 or higher, which are resistant to moisture. Lamps with degree of protection IP 44 can be successfully used in wet rooms and outdoors. Lamps with IP68 class are hermetic fittings and can be used safely even under water. Lower degrees of protection IP21 and IP23 provide comfort in indoor use, and in a large bathroom in areas away from water.

Ip44 Bathrooom Lights

The color temperature of bathroom lamps

The color temperature of the light sources expressed in Kelvin informs us about the color of the light. We can choose bright and white light, similar to the color of natural light. This type of lighting is used in places where we dress, shave or apply makeup. On the other hand, warm and yellow light is used for rest and it is worth using it for this purpose.

Suitable bathroom lamps

Among the many types of bathroom lamp fittings, we can distinguish:

  • ceiling lights, used for general lighting
  • wall lamps, bathroom wall lamps complement the basic light
  • spot lighting, spotlights and eyelets, is a decorative light
  • indirect lighting, i.e. lighting of bathroom cabinets, mirrors or bathtubs, e.g. thanks to LED strip surrounded by silicone, optically enlarges the interior and creates a moody atmosphere.

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