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Lighting on busbars

Durable and solid construction, simple and quick assembly, functionality and great flexibility in creating and modifying lighting on busbars are the most important features of this innovative system. Today we will try to explain what the rail system is, where it is used and what functions it has

What is the rail system?

Rail system is a practical solution that allows you to connect, with just one cable, several different lamps to the power supply. This type of lighting mainly consists of a rail, but you can not overlook the role of the luminaire, plugs, mounting brackets, power supply or connectors.Busbars allow creating unique connections that ensure the uniqueness of a given lighting. Their creation, however, requires the use of special connectors, the shape of which depends on the direction of connecting the next elements of the system.

Busbar spot light Quattrobi

An important element is also the selection of fittings. In this case, everything depends on your individual needs, tastes and preferences. You can mount reflectors or hanging lamps on the power supply cables.


Which system to choose - single-phase or three-phase?

It is worth knowing that there are two basic typesof the rail system- single-phase and three-phase. The main difference between them lies in the number of simultaneously activated light sources placed on the rails. In a single-phase system, with one switch you turn on all the reflectors located on the cable. In turn, three-phase rails provide the possibility of dividing the whole system into three circuits, thanks to which at a given moment we can run the selected lamps within the same busbar, eg only the extreme or only the middle one.

After deciding on the choice of typeof the rail system, appropriate rails should be selected. Depending on your needs, you can purchase a rail mounted on the surface or flush with a length of 1 m, 2 m or 3 m, 4 m. The rails 3- and 4-m are available only in three-phase system.


Of course, you also have to choose the color of the busbars. Their color should be similar to the mounted lamps in order to obtain a stylistically consistent arrangement.

Rail lighting - where will it work?

Rail lighting is used in many interiors. You can try to mount it in small, cozy apartments, as well as spacious homes. There is also a place where you can choose lighting placement: it will harmonize perfectly with a long, narrow corridor or a spacious kitchen or living room. Certainly, it will delight all guests.Lighting on busways is a solution that works well on larger surfaces, such as shops, exhibition halls, hair and beauty salons. These are aesthetic installations - they do not disfigure the interior, on the contrary - they give it a unique character. Thanks to this, they perfectly harmonize with other arrangement elements of a given room.

Not only aesthetics, or other lighting advantages on busbars

The unquestionable advantage oflighting on busbarsis its quick assembly. The second thing is the ability to make changes in almost any moment. As part of the mounted system, we can freely modify the fittings - change their location, quantity or type. It is worth emphasizing that moving, photographing or mounting a reflector or lamp takes literally several seconds and does not require the use of tools. Another advantage of this system is its universality -busbars provide the opportunity to power multiple lamps using one line, so that this system does not require as much cables as in standard installations. In addition,rail lighting can be an independent source of light, but this solution is also ideal for people who only look for spot lighting. An additional advantage is stiffness, durability and strength of the entire structure.

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