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Possible problems during garden balls installation

Light balls are fantastic decorations that will make your garden look like a fairy tale. On the market are available solar and traditional balls, connected to the cable providing access to electricity. Although such garden lighting is original and is becoming more and more popular, its assembly can be difficult. We present possible problems that may occur during the installation of this type of lamp.


Depending on the model, the light ball can be mounted in two ways:

  • by screwing to a stable foundation or
  • by screwing to a small tube (about 50 cm) buried in the ground.

In both types of lamps it is necessary to dig a hole for their assembly. In this way, we will create a place for a stable foundation, which is then assembled with a ball of light. Keep in mind that the foundation:

  • protruded a minimum above the ground surface level
  • had a hole for the cable to be drilled.

Connecting to power supply

Light balls can have a standard switch, thanks to which your entire garden will shine in an instant. It is also possible to mount dusk sensors - so that the lamps spontaneously turn on in the dark - or motion sensors that will activate the balls when someone is nearby.

In a situation where the garden you already have deployed 230v installation will be simpler, in addition there is actually no limit to the number of lamps used and the power of used bulbs. If you do not have such an installation - you will have to pull the electric cable to the ball.

Set of garden balls

Lighting location

When planning the placement of light balls in the garden, do it in such a way as to avoid possible theft or destruction of the equipment by vandals.


When mounting light balls, do not forget about the safety rules:

  • cables hidden underground should not run too close to large trees with a strongly grown root system, along foundations and not closer than approx. 80 cm from water pipes;
  • Avoid placing the lamps in floodplains so that the water does not flood the equipment from below - especially in the case of balls with a lighting fixture with an IP 44 coefficient.

Garden wire

The power of the bulb and its color

The appropriate power of the bulbs must be taken into account. Too weak may not illuminate the surroundings as you would like. When choosing bulbs, pay attention to the color of light emitted by them - there are hot, cold and RGB LEDs available on the market. We recommend LED bulbs that allow you to set any color of your choice of light. They are also energy-saving and have a very long life.

The problem with the choice of the power of light bulbs does not occur in the case of solar lamps, powered by solar energy - they most often have built-in LED RGB modules.

Ball size

When choosing the perfect light balls for the garden, think about their appropriate size. In our offer you will find lamps with diameters 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50 cm. The size of the balls can therefore be easily adapted to your garden and, for example, use larger lamps in a large space, with high and lush vegetation, and more gentle to use in smaller gardens overgrown with low plants.


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