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Solar balls - opinions and advice

Will solar balls effectively illuminate the garden during the day and at night? Can I exchange light bulbs in them? We present you with information on the use of solar balls. We will also advise you on how to choose the right lighting to enjoy the intense light for a long time!

Easy assembly and mobility

For the operation of solar lamps, no electrical wiring is required, and the garden should be thoroughly renovated. They are powered by solar energy, which affects their easy assembly. It is enough to mount ** the solar ball ** on a stable foundation placed in the ground or on a small tube. If the setting of the lamps is boring and we find that you can change something in the garden - the equipment can easily be set up elsewhere.

Light for free

Solar balls draw energy from sunlight. One can be tempted to say that - in addition to the costs associated with the purchase of lamps - the equipment is lit for free! However, you must keep in mind to provide lamps with access to sunlight, and thus allow them to be charged. The battery charging time is about 8 hours. Depends on the intensity of sunlight, cloudiness and the cleanliness of the lampshade. It is worth cleaning the surface of the solar balls ** from time to time so that they can be charged more quickly. Lamps will also work during winter and can withstand temperatures of up to -15 ° C. Blue solar lamp

Diffrent sizes

Garden balls come in various sizes: 20, 25, 30, 40 and 50 cm in diameter. Such diversity makes it easy to match the environment with the right size of lamp. For large gardens, with rich and high vegetation, we recommend balls with a larger diameter. In smaller gardens, with small plants, smaller lamps will work better.


While in the case of solar lamps you do not need a power source, then deciding on light spheres you need to remember about it.

Solar balls have mostly built-in LED modules with low power. If after some time we find that the lamps do not shine as intensely as before, unfortunately it is not possible to replace the bulbs, as in the case of electric balls, which have an E27 thread for an ordinary LED bulb. For example, there are LED bulbs that are equivalent to traditional 100W bulbs. When the garden will require intense light - just replace the bulb with a stronger one that will illuminate a larger area. Fortunately, LED failures happen very rarely, they are even considered long-lived because their lifetime is on average up to 50,000 hours of light!

RGB Bulb

Time of lighting

Solar balls can effectively illuminate the surroundings, but need access to sunlight. They will only work at night because they have to charge during the day. If we need lighting for the garden also during the day, solar lamps will not be the best choice. In turn electric balls will allow the use of light regardless of the time of day or night. Solar radiation has no effect on the lighting intensity of electric lamps - after a cloudy day, you do not have to worry that the electric balls will be less bright at night.

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