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Shabby Chic lamps

Shabby Chic lamps

Shabby Chic is one of the few styles that have a specific author. This style was invented by the Englishwoman Rachel Ashevel, who bought various things at flea markets and managed to create real masterpieces from what she acquired. Among the many knick-knacks and decors there were various lamps, and they became an integral part of this style. And now, when shabby chic is made of artificially aged things, lamps play an important role here.

What is the feature of shabby chic interior design and lighting?

It is already known from the name that when creating such interiors, various old things are especially valuable. Roughly speaking, anything Grandma has left behind will be the perfect material. Despite such an attachment to charming old objects, the style itself is relatively young, it appeared only in the late 1980s.

The main principle of shabby chic is to have as many different parts as possible while having similar characteristics. Lamps selected for such interiors must also meet the general requirements:

  • Pastel colors. The style assumes a delicate pink-beige scale, light, but necessarily subdued colors. The small wall lamps in classic shades of pastel colors and a small floral pattern look very good. A wall lamp made of dark wood and a beige-brown lampshade with a floral motif in a delicate pink color will perfectly blend in with the shabby chic atmosphere. Such beautiful wall lamps will illuminate the living room, bedroom, dining room and hall.
  • The abundance of various textile items: pillows, curtains, blankets, embroidered napkins and other things are a must-have style marker. And, of course, bedside lamps and table lamps with soft fabric tones are best suited here. The interior will be complemented by a shabby chic desk lamp with a very similar design, it will also be a great decor and lighting in the bedroom, acting as a bedside lamp.
  • When it comes to fixtures, models with brown wooden arms, matte shades, and always warm yellow light will look best. Maximum decor. It is a style that does not accept simplicity, so lamps should be at least with small drawings, and preferably with a different decor, kept in muted colors. A pendant lamp with a brown wooden frame, three light sources and a patterned floral lampshade in a delicate beige shade, fits perfectly with the rest of the interior lighting. Wood and fabric is a combination for use in the living room, bedroom, kitchen and hall.

What types of shabby chic lamps are needed to create an elegant atmosphere?

Shabby chic suggests soft lighting, so huge brass chandeliers or plafonds adjacent to walls and ceilings are clearly not suitable here. Modern solutions of LED strips and other technological innovations should also be avoided.

  • Small graceful lamps and wall lamps will fit into the interior. You can choose a hanging lamp with classic lampshades in shades of white and blue with three light sources as general interior lighting. All sources should create diffused, muted lighting so that not very bright bulbs can be installed. But the sheer number of luminaires can be quite large and in great demand in a variety of forms, decorations, decors, discreetly combining different elements from different styles is a must for shebbi chic.
  • The same type of shabby chic lamp with 5 light sources will also be a good solution and emphasize the selected styling. The white frame and interesting lampshade motifs in the interior recreate the cozy and modest atmosphere of the grandmother's house, which brings peace and happiness. The interior should be aesthetically prudent carelessness, a certain irregularity, a small creative mess. A living room or bedroom with such unique lighting will take residents to the land of dreams and warm memories.
  • Hanging shabby chic lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps and table lamps give the interior of the apartment a halo of romance, refinement, liveliness, a bit of a fairy-tale antiquity. The shabby chic design can be emphasized by a delicate metal chandelier in a subtle light brown shade with fabric lampshades in the same shade, which gives it a subdued and light look. Three light sources and the sophisticated shape of the frame uniquely emphasize the aesthetic qualities of lighting for a living room or bedroom.