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Loft interiors

We invite you to read about the interiors in the industrial style or immediately to see the category of lamps in style industrial.

The interiors in the industrial style are unconventional. Thanks to this they have taken over many hearts and imaginations design masters. Raw, minimalistic and cool in feeling. And yet you can like them.

If you appreciate remarkable solutions and feel good when you are surrounded by objects, which look like they were drawn from a different era, or you respect active coldness and elegant minimalism, designing an interior in industrial style is the most suitable choice just for you!

Industrial pipe light

Loft industrial style interior - a short story

The industrial trend in architecture was created after the American recession, which took place in the 1950s. Abandoned factories and large production halls had to be somehow managed. generally large spaces of interiors were inhabited by artists. In those days, a flat in the interiors in industrial style, it was not connected with luxury in any way. - how is it today? Completely different. In Poland, the first industrial style interiors appeared in the early ’90s. Room for today designed like lofts, it is synonymous with mastery, freedom and refinement.

What characterizes industrial interiors?

If you have a flat or a house whose rooms are high and wide, this is a device for this An interior in the industrial style seems like a hit. At first glance, interior style it may seem cool, but the skilfully selected accessories will make you love this way of developing large spaces. An industrial style interior with a high room and the minimum amount of accessories is respect for the merits of the industrial style. This does not mean that you have small M you can not create an interior in an industrial style - walls can be demolished, and thanks a larger apartment will be built there. A quintessential style can be drawn from the open, well-arranged surface loft. The use of concrete or clinker walls is a bricked success. If we do not want to decide raw brick or concrete, walls of our apartment or an industrial-style house, we can paint white or gray. Such shades effectively shape the room, which seems to be thanks to the bright application larger colors. Bright colors additionally bring a cool mood. If you have a flat in a building that was once a factory, at no price should be covered with pipes, steel rails. Such additions they should be exposed.

Loft Light

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