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Rail Lights

Rail Lights

Rail Lights

Rail lighting allows you to power multiple lamps with one line. The rail system includes: mounting brackets, rails, connectors, end caps, mounting brackets, fixtures and power supply. There are a lot of components, but the assembly itself is very simple, fast and intuitive.

Technical aspects of rail systems

At the beginning, we must select the rail system category. We divide them into one and three-phase ones. In a single-phase system, the same switch ignites all the lamps located on the cable. The three-phase system allows independent control of the lamps. After making this choice, consider the appropriate rails. The length and the form of assembly (directly to the ceiling or on special lines) are important here. It is worth thinking about compiling bus bars on a square or rectangular plan. The use of internal connectors will allow you to create a variety of layouts, for example in the shape of the letter "T" or "C". When choosing the parts, you need to pay attention to the colors. It's best to choose something similar to the lamps. Good, if the headlights come from the same manufacturer.

Let's get back to the three-phase rail system for a moment. It allows you to be independent about the choice of a lighted bulb. At the moment, we can only run extreme lamps or only the middle ones. We can also combine spotlights with groups to create different light configurations. This solution will certainly work in the living room or in a room where we spend a lot of time with friends or families.

What is important when choosing rail lighting for a room?

First of all, we have to ask ourselves what effect we plan to achieve. Do we need a studio where we want to focus our eyes in specific places without the need for additional lamps? Or maybe we care about the effective underlining of the modern arrangement of the living room? We also have the opportunity to display valuable family souvenirs or sports trophies.

Keep in mind that if we strive for a usable effect, it's good to hang our lamps directly above the place where we do the work. However, in the case of the need to renew the interior and decorative functions, it is better to adjust the light incidence account.

What should lamps for rail lighting look like?

The most important information about lamp types is the CRI, which means the ability to reproduce colors on a scale of 0 - 100. The higher the CRI, the better the quality of the color reproduction. Level 80 - 90 CRI can be considered as very good.

Another important factor is the color temperature. Light with a color temperature of around 3300 K is warm light. 3300 K - 5300 K means neutral color, and above 5300 K is cold.

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Rail Lights